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B U Y  O U R  C O F F E E


At Roc & Floss we pride ourselves on quality, traceability and sustainability. Our green beans are delivered to our mini Roastery where it is small batch roasted for a beautiful roast every time. Supplying homes, local businesses and of course the coffee box, delivering a smooth, flavoursome cup

Brazil Finca Cachoeira
Through years of coffee roasting experience this premium Brazil has always remained one of our favourites, produced by the Barbosa family you are guaranteed nothing but the best with a SCA score of 83.With tasting notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and caramel. 

Mexican Mountain Water Decaf
This Mexican decaf delivers that coffee kick but without the caffeine. The caffeine is naturally washed using water from the glaziers of the highest mountains in Mexico, using this chemical free method allows the coffee to maintain its spicy dark chocolate notes.

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